Emergency Support Services

Science on Demand's staff stands ready to support students and programs in any emergency. We work closely with the home university to respond quickly, with a cool head, and ready to problem-solve any situation. Because we are located centrally in Europe, we can respond to an emergency very quickly anywhere in Europe, and we also have the capacity tp assist in China, India, Nepal and other sites in Asia, as well as many sites in Africa.

Types of emergencies might include:

  • a sick faculty leader needs temporary support to carry on with a short-term program
  • accompany a vulnerable or ill student, or one who has been dismissed from a program, back to the US
  • arrange a safe location and meet an individual or group of students following an emergency, such as a terrorist attack or natural disaster
  • help carry out evacuation or new program settlement
  • assist and monitor a student who has been hospitalized
  • whatever needed ---

Science on Demand is well versed in safety and security issues facing students, programs, and knowledge and understanding of legal issues, policies and procedures in place at U.S.-based universities.

Most emergencies are covered by Bo L√łkkegaard, and we have trained a team of agents to respond to an emergency situation if Bo is not available. Contact and planning a response takes place through Bo. All of these consultants have significant international living, studying and work experience in multiple countires, as well as experience advising and supporting  students.

Current client: University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center for undergraduate students, and the Global Programs Strategy Alliance, for support of travelling graduate students, faculty, and staff.

If you are interested in discussing emercency support services for your students, contact Bo Cumming L√łkkegaard,

tel: +45 60661884 or  email

New Program Development

Experienced and independent advising on new international education initiatives

STEM programming for study abroad:

Planning to add STEM courses to an existing or new study abroad program? SOD can assist in site assessment, work with local staff to identify faculty and plan courses, including study tours, field work, and identifying faculty and facilities needed for teaching science courses. 


  • New track, 'sustainability and environmental studies,' developed for CIEE Global Institutes.
  • Faculty-led iniatives in Iceland and Denmark.
  • DIS's first science courses - biology, medical sciences, geology, among others.

New program development:

Site review and recommendations for establishing new partnerships and programs. Ciity review, logistics, coordinate site visits, present recommendations and findings.


  • CIEE Global Institute, new site in Copenhagen: initial academic board proposal, faculty team development, office location scouting, housing options sourced, partners identified.
  • Language and Culture in Morocco/

Curriculum integration:

If you are planning to work more closely with faculty and departments, Science on Demand staff can assist with project plans, faculty training, and planning for new program development.


  • The original curriculum integration initiatives at the University of Minnesota (all campuses).

Science on Demand

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